How do I know my Fund Flakes group is getting the credit?

Supporting a group through Fund Flakes?

If you've supported a school, team, scout unit, or group through Fund Flakes, your group has a final tally at the end of their fundraiser. We provide a detail of orders by 'seller' so that the group knows the total raised and can use the 'seller' data for any internal group goals and rewards.

What's the difference between Good Grains and Fund Flakes?

Good question. is our online store. Fund Flakes is our fundraising program. At, we have select non-profits we support, such as the American Diabetes Association or Action for Healthy Kids. orders give back 5% on every order to these larger non-profits. Fund Flakes is for local groups and nonprofits - such as schools, PTA, PTO, Scouts, sports, youth groups and more. We give back up to 50% on Fund Flakes orders and we track the group and seller on every order.

How do I place an order to support a Fund Flakes group?

If you have the group's custom link, visit their Fund Flakes custom page. If not, on, just click 'Support a Group' when you get to the Fund Flakes homepage. Enter the group you want to support and optionally the name of the seller you're here to support. If we aren't totally clear on which group you're supporting, we will reach out and confirm to make sure we have the right group.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at