How do you give back?

Read about the different ways your order supports our community.

Every order gives back. Good Grains' mission is to bring health and happiness to our communities and beyond. This mission is the reason we give back to local and national groups and causes on every item we sell.

Here's how. We give 5% back on every single item we sell, whether it's a one-time purchase or a subscription. When you check out, you'll see our featured cause for the month - such as Action for Healthy Kids or the American Diabetes Association. If you have any ideas on causes we should consider, let us know!

Fund Flakes is our fundraising program offered through Good Grains. With Fund Flakes, groups earn up to 50% through our direct-ship online quick fundraiser, and then 25% on online cereal reorders all year long. Examples of Fund Flakes groups include schools and scouts, PTAs, sports organizations, youth/church/community groups, and nonprofits. Learn more about it here.