What is the Good Grains Rewards Program?

You can earn loyalty points through referrals, reviews, or even just shopping!

If you purchase products online at goodgrains.com, you are automatically enrolled in the Good Grains Rewards Program. With this program, you can get rewarded for all sorts of things! Refer a friend, give them 50% off their first Good Grains purchase and get $15 for your next order once they make a purchase - it's a win-win situation!

Additional ways to earn points include:

  • Placing an order
  • Sharing on social media
  • Writing a product review
  • Following Good Grains on Instagram
  • Celebrating a birthday

How to access your account:

To access your Rewards account, sign into your Good Grains account here. Once logged in, click the 'Fun Rewards' button on the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.03.21 AM

Once you click that button, the following screen will open. From here, you can see your rewards balance as well as ways for you to earn Cereal Coins.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.03.49 AM

Remember, we're big on loyalty! Referrals will earn you the most, so spread the word!

If you have any trouble with your Rewards account, please email us at help@goodgrains.com or give us a call at 1-888-665-0311.