Do you have gluten-free or vegan cereals?

Yep! We have six fantastic gluten-free & vegan cereals!

We proudly sell Love Grown's Power O's along with their three gluten-free kids' cereals. Why? Because they're just so darn good. All the Love Grown cereals we carry are made from beans. Yep, beans! We carry the following:

  • Power O's Original
  • Power O's Chocolate
  • Power O's Strawberry
  • Love Grown Comet Crispies
  • Love Grown Polar Puffs
  • Love Grown Sea Stars

Love Grown is made by the same manufacturer as our Good Grains cereal, Organic Milling. That's right here in sunny Southern California! View our Love Grown cereals here. You can buy them as individual boxes, or stock up with a pack!

Additionally, our StaySteady cereals are vegan (not gluten-free). You can check those out here.